The Marova Lagoon carvers are arguably the best carvers in the world. Both visitors and the merchants from the capital Honiara alike seek after their works. If you have always wanted to put your hands to work, we offer the opportunity to learn from these experts.

You can create you own unique carving or carpentry project using fallen timbers at Driftwood. Then complete your project in our woodworking room. Sand back some ancient timber and fall in love with your very own souvenir.


Spear Gun making /spearfishing course
Minimum stay is 7 days. (we recommend 10 days).

The perfect way to experience the “Circle of life” Hunter/gatherers of the past had to craft their own hunting weapons from the raw materials provided in their natural environment. You too can get back to your roots by creating your own spear-gun and personal souvenir of your visit under the specialised supervision of our craftsmen. From a fallen tree in the forest we will show you how to create the ultimate spear gun in our picturesque lodge workshop.
Price includes all necessary components $700.

Wood Carving
We are so lucky to have arguably some of the best timbers carvers in the world living in our village. Under the personal supervision of the native craftsmen of Kavovolata you can be shown to carve your own creation from timbers discovered fallen in the forests around our lodge.

Minimum stay is 7 days – Cost is $200.


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