Enjoy a delicious healthy breakfast and then head out to the ocean and learn to hunt your own fish for dinner


For free diving, fishing and snorkeling enthusiast this experience is next level. The diversity of fish and coral is arguably second to none. Many of the world’s top marine biologists come here to study and discover new species of fish because of the diverse microclimates underwater here. We also organise certified training.  Read More...


Just like the free diving options, the spearfishing, deep-sea fishing and live fishing experiences here are world class. You can catch anything from Flame Fish, Gem fish, Job fish, Marlin, Yellow fin…just about all the species serious fisherman are chasing all around the world. Added to that, you will be fishing in one of the most pristine ocean environments on earth.


For surfers, if you’re be lucky enough to be here at a time where the conditions are right - you will have perfect barreling waves all to yourself.

We have our own high quality fishing and spearfishing gear; all of which you are free to use. We have generally found that many guests prefer to bring their own tackle and spearfishing gear that they are used to and that is fine too. We don’t however recommend spearfishing enthusiasts buy new spear guns just before they come. New gear means re-learning how to use it while you are here. And this means missing out on valuable fishing time.

Contact us  to register interest in any of our experiences or would like to host your own.