Driftwood offers an opportunity to experience village life in the beautiful, untouched wilderness and pristine ocean of the Morovo Lagoon.

We would like to take you on a life-altering journey. Prepare to awaken your ancestral roots and rekindle your connection to the circle of life.

Growing, hunting and gathering, and looking out for your tribe. This is basic rite of passage and ensures human survival. It keeps us connected to our individual nature. Understanding where our meals come from and how, beckons balance in the food chain.

Come and learn how to free dive, hunt, cook your catch with our fresh garden ingredients. Have canoe adventures with our village guides; learn how to create a masterpiece with fallen ancient timbers; or go hiking up rapids to waterfalls.

Take time out from modern day life to enjoy the lovely lessons from nature and the joys community living.  Read More ....


We plant seeds in the morning. We hunt fish. We give thanks to nature and relax into the night.

Storytelling and laughter weaves its way into everything we do.

The rain fills the rivers we swim in, the sun wakes us up, and the stars light our path at night.

Time here slows us down. This is how life was meant to be; this is the village life we never had.




As soon as you arrive to the Island you will get an immediate sense of what life was like before Western civilisation.

The yesteryear vibe of this Island is unmistakable. This place is much like the rest of the world would have looked before the influence of western civilisation.

There are no cars, no roads – there are not even any horses. Just bush tracks, canoes and walking tracks. It is a truly miraculous feeling to be able to step back in time and immerse in this truly unique jungle adventure.

The people of Gatokae Island are one of the last civilisations who live a subsistence lifestyle. They are totally self-sufficient. Everyone builds their own houses, catches their own fish and grows their own food.

They are some of the most gifted carvers in the world. They are also master storytellers. And it is through these very important stories that they learn from each other and share their wisdom. You will witness a community who live in harmony with each other and how they respect the pristine paradise around them.

The Driftwood experience is intertwined to the heart of the community and you will have many opportunities to go on adventures with the local village people and learn about their lifestyle.