It was not that long ago that the people of the Marovo Lagoon’s only mode of transport was a traditional canoe that they dug out themselves. Have one of our local guides take you out so you can experience what its like to travel around in one of these. Canoes are the aqua equivalent of land cruisers here. Experience what it is like to travel through the mangroves or across to multiple islands in the lagoon. You’ll quickly realise just what an important mode of transport these canoes are to the village.

 Canoe adventures are also are beautiful experience to hang out with the local people. They are curious, friendly folk, who genuinely love to tell stories to our guests and share their company.  On this experience you can go fishing, collect nuts, visit waterfalls or any other magical parts of the islands. Once you are familiar with your surroundings you can take the canoes on your own solo, group or romantic adventures. 

Contact us  to register interest in any of our experiences or would like to host your own.